Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yay! Making progress on the kid's School Days album!

OK, so I blew off my January scrapbook goal of 10 pages. Please give me a break, I was in New Year's Resolution mode. How many of your new year's resolutions did you manage to keep? But...goals are supposed to motivate you right? Well, I AM making a bit of progress on my kid's school albums, so I'm trying to stay positive. I've re-set my scrapbook goal to get these school albums up to date this year. Follow along with me if you like, and positive reinforcement in the form of your comments would be very helpful!

These are the first pages of my daughter Jenna's school album. She's in grade 5 this year so you can see how far behind I am! For the cover page, I used CTMH Notebook Level 2 paper and Stickease and retired September Word Puzzle stamp for the images. (I don't know why they retired this series of stamps, they are so useful!).

I used CTMH Daydream Level 2 papers for this 2 page layout. I accented the pages with C1343 Happy Endings stamp images, sewing machine stitiching and pink orgundy ribbon. There isn't alot of journalling on these pages, but the pictures sort of speak for themselves.

I forgot how cute she was with her halo of curls! Now she has a waist long blanket of thick frizzy curls that is usually in a braid to keep it from becoming dread locks! 
I can see now why you want to keep up to date with the photos. I keep reminiscing over all the pictures and because of that, these layouts are taking me for-ev-er!

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  1. These layouts are great. I love CTMH stamps and paper. Very nice work.

  2. This is the greatest idea. My kids aren't in school yet but I am definitely going to keep this in mind. It's the perfect way to show off the year years.


  3. I love the School Days page. It's now May and the graduation party is in June, so this was time saving and I'll have all photos on display.


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