Monday, January 31, 2011

Candy Winner!!

OK folks!  Time to pick the winner of my 1st Blogaversary Candy....

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Comment 28 was:

Marion Young said...
Happy Blogaversary! your work is amazing, My fav is your Holiday planner and your easy to follow how to make steps.. keep it up you have an awesome talent and eye..
my blog -
January 6, 2011 4:22 AM

As mentioned in my contest rules, you have 7 days (until Monday, Feb. 7) to claim your candy, or I choose another winner.
You can find my contact info in my profile on the sidebar, hope to hear from you soon Marion!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


My blog candy giveaway is now closed.
I will be drawing a winner shortly, and announcing it here this week.
Thank you to all my followers for your lovely comments.
Good Luck!

Getting Sketchy at Heart 2 Heart

At Heart 2 Heart this week, we've got a sketch challenge! 

I had this fabulous new CTMH paper on my desk just begging to get used! So I made my honey a Valentine card:

 The paper is from the CTMH Sweetheart Level 2 paper pack, available in the new Idea Book tomorrow! Isn't this paper fabulous? Can you see the flowers on the center panel paper...they are made completely of tiny little hearts, how cute!  It's all hearts and pink, but the reverse sides are mostly black so I think this paper will work for a guy too.  My big tough oil-field-working, camo-wearing, collector of hunting rifles and knives guy actually likes little pink hearts :), so I used the fronts of the papers...
The sentiment stamps are from CTMH D1254 Soul Mates, and the hearts stamped behind the sentiments are from CTMH D1402 Togetherness.

Now, you must go to H2H to check out what the talented Design team has done with this sketch, it always amazes me to see what different people can do with the same sketch! (even though it seems most of us had Valentines on the brain this week!)

Want to play along with us? Whip up something using mostly CTMH products and the sketch at the top as a template, then link it up at the H2H blog.  Your entry might just get you a spot in the Top Ten, and there are also some awesome prizes to be won from our generous sponsors this month, Shirley Ross and Sandra Strickler.  All the details can be found at Heart 2 Heart.

Thanks for visiting today!

Cardstock: CTMH Black and White Daisy
Pattern Paper: CTMH X7134B Sweetheart Level 2 Paper Pack
Stamps: CTMH D1254 Soul Mates and D1402 Togetherness
Inks: CTMH Black and Cotton Candy
CTMH Black Hemp
Tools: Edge Distresser
Buttons from my stash

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Jenna!

My baby girl Jenna is turning 12 this week.  12!!! When did that happen? She's growing up way too fast.
Her official birthday is on Wednesday (Groundhog Day!), but we have to go to the city to visit the orthodontist (really should have planned that better-braces on her birthday! I'm a terrible mother), so we had cake and a slumber party this weekend.  To make up for the orthodontist, I baked her cake by request. She asked for chocolate fudge layer cake and even found a pic on the internet of the cherry blossom decorating she wanted.  This is as close as I could get...

The curly one is my Jenna, with her BFF Cara.
They like blue, can you tell? 
Jenna wants me to straighten her hair like Cara's,
and Cara wishes she had curls...
Girls, you're beautiful just the way you are!!
They were happy with the cake though, check out those smiles!

Jenna got an iPod Touch for her birthday, they are in her room texting each other right now. I won't pretend to understand it.
I think I may have to break in with some nail polish and force a mani/pedi on them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty Peacock

Hi! Thanks for popping by today.  Did you get to browse the entries for the H2H From Your Heart to Ours challenge last week? If you like to peek at other people's craft studios, you really should check it out! There were some genious organizing tips posted. I can hardly believe the beautiful spaces some people are lucky enough to craft in. The challenges are now open all month long, so you can still play along if you want to!

This week's Heart 2 Heart challenge is to use animals or birds on your project. I've had this stamp for a while, and this proud peacock was begging to be used.  I made this card for my niece, and am mailing it with a gift, so I won't need an envelope, which is good because it's pretty lumpy with the ruffles and rolled paper flowers...

This 5x7" card was made with papers from the CTMH Magnifique Level 2 paper pack. I stamped the peacock with multiple colors, and blinged it up with some CTMH Sparkles.  The paper ruffle is made with four 1x12" strips of paper.  The stitching is hand done with embroidery floss. I had to bow out the sentiment because after I made the card I couldn't fit a sentiment on it! But I kind of like it this way, and may just do like this again on purpose. The rolled paper flowers are made with cardstock scraps, and I learned a tip to make rolling heavy cardstock easier...mist it with water first to soften the paper! You will find an awesome video tutorial for making these flowers from Tracey Mason.

Now, you must check out the fabulous ideas from the rest of the H2H Design Team for more inspiration to use birds or animals on your projects! Play along with us this week, and you are eligible for a prize from our generous sponsors at the end of the month, and you may just end up in the January Top 10 for a chance to be a guest designer next month! What are you waiting for? Come play along!

Thank You for visiting my blog!

Cardstock: CTMH Chocolate and White Daisy
Pattern paper: CTMH X7127B Magnifique Level 2 Paper Pack
Stamp: CTMH D1438 Circle of Love(peacock) and C1257 Happy Birthday
Inks: Black, Chocolate, Pacifica, Lagoon
Sparkles: CTMH Z1327 Blue and Green Assortment and Z1263 Bitty clear sparkles
Embroidery Floss: DMC3846
Ribbon from my scraps box
Techniques: Puddle pad stamping, stitching, paper ruffles, rolled paper roses

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Sentiments

The One Layer Wednesday challenge at Simplicity this week is to create a single layer card with NO image stamps, just words or sentiments, and we must use more than one. I hope this card follows the rules, technically I never used any images, but the words form a heart.

I masked the card base with a heart shape, and just random stamped 3 different "love" sentiment stamps in 3 shades of pink: CTMH Baby Pink, Blush and Tulip.  Can't get much simpler than that! I like the simplicity of it.  I adore CAS(clean and simple) cards, but I have a habit of overdoing it.  I almost added some bling and ribbon, but then stopped myself (aren't you proud of me?) 
Pop over to Simplicity to see some other great CAS cards with sentiment stamps, maybe you'll want to play along!

Thanks for visiting today!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Show Us Your Craft Room!

At Heart 2 Heart this week, we will focus on organization and it will be the first From Your Heart to Ours challenge!  This is a challenge where we encourage the players to share a little of themselves in order to inspire someone else. We want to see your craft room and hear about your organization ideas!

For me, this is the most challenging challenge ever.  Did you ever try to take pictures of your craft room? First you have to clean up the mess so you can find your desk.  Then you must tidy up your supplies. When it's cleaner than it has ever been, you dig out your camera, and looking through the lens you see all the flaws...Notice you won't see the floor on any of these pics? Yeah, I didn't feel like vacuuming...
Honestly, I think I'd almost rather post a picture of myself nekid than let everyone see the hole that I call my craft room. Seriously, my "Rubber Room" is a spare bedroom in the basement with a teeny tiny little window, ugly blue carpet and really crappy flower panelling (flowers, seriously? who panels a room in flowers?).  Totally not the creativity-inspiring decor of my dreams. One thing I DO like, is that it is super organized, so I can easily find what I am looking for.

My craft stash shares this room with the guest bed. That means... when we get company, I have to fold up my tables and lean them against the wall, and I can't get to my crafty stash until they leave. Waah waah waah....  We moved into this house 11 years ago, and this room is on the bottom of the list for renos. All the furniture in this room (except for the bed and the folding tables) was salvaged, and free is good.

Enough blabbering, here are the pictures. (BTW, I've labelled these all "My Craft room Before" on my computer, so that when I have the time and money to paint and get new flooring, lighting and shelving, I can take some "after" pics)  Obviously, I do not hold group gatherings in this room, this is my private cave.

This is the first thing you see walking into the guest bedroom, it's my daughter's corner,and I spread out onto that table too when I need more space. OK, I usually have that table (and the bed) covered with my crap projects.

Over to the right is my corner, don't let the small footprint fool you, I have a TON of stuff crammed in there! My card/scrapping supplies are all out in the open, the closet on the right holds my photo albums, boxes of pictures waiting for a home, my sewing machine and all sewing/mending supplies. When I need to sew, I just swing my chair around to the other side of the table, open the closet doors and tada! Instant sewing nook. There is a heavy duty desk back in the corner there, which is great for stamping and punching on. Under it, is a rolling cart full of punches and Cuttlebug folders/plates. Why yes, that is a curtain hanging there, thanks for noticing. When we have to convert this to a guest room, I can throw all my junk on my desk and pull the curtain to hide it. I may still make curtains for the shelf units too.
You can see my laptop on the corner of the table, but may wonder where is my printer? I actually have a wireless printer that is shared by everyone else in the house, and it is in the office just outside of this room, so I don't have far to go when I need it.

And here are some closeups of my supplies, and some of my organizing ideas:

My Cricut, and all of my embellishments are housed here in the little nook above my desk in the corner. I am toying with the idea of sorting my embellishments by color, but right now they are sorted by item, and I can still find them.

I'm a Ribbon Ring Gal. Isn't it pretty? I like my ribbon to hang straight and not be all twisted up. I can see what I have, and when I can't decide what ribbon to use I can drape it over my project one at a time without unrolling and re-rolling ribbon tubes. If I have bulk rolls, I cut a 3 ft length to hang here, and put a little red dot sticker on the card to show that I have more in the box of extra ribbon in the closet. Works for me...and it holds a lot, those little cards each hold 3 or 4 different ribbons.  I can see by this picture that I'm short on blue and green ribbon...

You may have noticed this by my table in the big picture, and wondered what the heck is that?  It's my embossing clipboard! I covered it in tinfoil so it heats up from the back too. I can clip my piece up there and not burn my fingers holding it while I point the craft heater at it. I must say this works really well! I just leave my craft heater hanging there all ready to go...

My CTMH stamps are stored in these plastic shoeboxes. Each box will hold about 40 stamp envelopes when they are full. I removed the foam insert from the packaging(saves a lot of space), and flipped them around so I can see the name and number on the top corner as well as the stamp set that's in it. See that big white binder on the top shelf? It's my master stamp catalog. I stamp all my stamps in it when I get them, helps to season them and I can check for defects. The binder is organized by theme, and I can just flip through it to look for a stamp I need, but the stamps themselves are organized alpha's easier to find them and to put them away this way.  I used to waste so much time searching for a stamp, but since I've organized my stamps like this, it's super easy to find what I need.  Even my 11 yr old daughter can keep up with this system, so I let her use them too.  My non-CTMH stamps are cataloged the same way, using the same binder, but the stamps are stored in a drawer under the desk in the corner as I don't use them as often.

I like things to be organized (you think?) because I hate wasting time looking for stuff. It has to be right at my fingertips or I forget I have it. Whenever I have a creative block, I organize my stuff. Sometimes just going through my supplies will trigger an idea. So this is what I did one evening while watching Gray's Anatomy:
I'm a big fan of using the CTMH cardstock color swatches as labels! I used a round tab punch to make labelled color coded sponge wedges, no more washing out yucky sponges and no more inky fingers. I've been using these ones for about a year, and they are holding up really well. I also used a hole punch to make easy to find tops for my reinkers, because those bottles all look the same in a box.

My cardstock is sorted by color too, and I use the vertical Cropper Hopper storage system for it. I took another ring of CTMH color swatches apart, and used it to label my tabs. The lighting isn't great in this room, so I find these colored and labelled tabs really help me to find the right color without squinting. Oh yeah, and I put my cropper hopper files on their back, with the open part facing front (because I'm weird), I like to be able to slide a single piece of cardstock in and out without having to hoist the entire 20lb full container off of the shelf. This vertical system works so well for me, because as you can see, I have a ton of paper. Storing it this way instead of in horizontal bins uses way less space and is easier to pull out individual pages. 

My patterned paper, most of it CTMH Level 1 and 2 kits, is stored vertically on the shelf below.  I just keep them and their usable scraps in their original bags, sorted alphabetically (why yes I am a freak, why do you ask?) by name so I can find them.

Hello, my name is Lorrinda and I am a paper hoarder...don't judge me. 
Jenna's favorite thing to do is shop for new school supplies, I wonder who she got that from? Do you think we need therapy?

I even keep my scraps sorted by color, in these narrow drawers. This is a new addition, I used to keep them in an accordion file. But this way, I can easily toss my scraps in when I clean up, and they are easy to quickly look through before I cut up a new piece of paper. I told Jenna she can use all of the paper in these drawers whenever she wants, and we're actually using up our scraps now! 

So, that's pretty much all there is to see here. The view from behind my table is a very uninspiring wall with a bed and a dresser against it, but it has a TV to keep us company, and a door to shut out the noise and the boys (which, according to Jenna is the most important thing!) At least we have a place to keep all of our crafty stuff so it isn't all over the house. This room isn't a good spot for big group projects, but it will accommodate 3 or 4 people quite easily. So we can still have a friend or two come over to play!

Now, you must pop over to HEART 2 HEART to drool over the pretty craft spaces and super organization tips from the rest of the design team! And, most importantly, we want to see YOUR craft room! That's the challenge this week...share your craft room with us, or, if you're like me and don't think your space is worth showing off, then show us your orgnization ideas! We could all use those!  I could really use some ideas for Cuttlebug folders and Nestabilities...

Thank You for visiting my space.
Hopefully someday I'll be posting "after" pictures!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Channelling Jimmy Buffet....

(*Edited: I am also submitting this card to the Creative Paper Artists
March challenge "Take Me Somewhere Tropical".)

Today is the first Heart2Heart Challenge of 2011!

I'm so excited, as this is my first post as a member of the design team. I must thank Mary again for inviting me to be on this awesome team!  I have been so inspired by the creativity of the former Design Teams and by all of the challenge entries, so to be invited to share my favorite CTMH products as part of the DT is a very big honor.  (Ooh, I just felt my face flush as I typed that! I do believe I am nervous!)  Ahem, on to the challenge...

It's a color challenge!

Create a project using CTMH colors:
plus a touch of SORBET if you wish.

Did you ever have a craving for a Margarita at 9:00 AM after running the kids to school? Ok, it was a rhetorical question... no seriously.... I can't be the only one!?  I will admit to humming Jimmy Buffet songs the entire time I made this card. 

This is the happy place I go to when I'm doing yoga:

All supplies used are listed in the recipe at the end of this post,
and here is the summary of what I did to create this card.
First, I masked the setting sun and horizon, and brayered and sponged the scene using Sky, Pear, and Sorbet inks. I didn't take pictures of this process, but I will refer you to the master, Michelle Zindorf, who has literally hundreds of easy to follow tutorials on her blog illustrating this background technique step by step.

Then I tore some Colonial White scrap cs, and inked the edges a bit with Sorbet to look like sand.

For the beverage, I free handed a margarita glass onto some vellum, inked it with Pear ink on the reverse side, then scored and folded the edges under. I ran a bead of Liquid Glass along the rim, and sprinkled it with Prisma Glitter, cut a slit in a lime wedge image and stuck it on too, then let the glue dry while I  made myself a margarita  browsed my Google Reader blogs.  I added mini glue dots to the folded under vellum edges, placed the left side down first, squeezed it a bit so it curled out before sticking the right side down.

Here's a closeup that shows how it is attached to the card, you can just barely see the folded vellum edge:

Then I stamped the sentiment, and matted the card front in sorbet cs, sky blue cs, pear B&T paper from the Olivia Level 2 paper pack, and finally mounted it on a Colonial White card base.
Honestly, the brads and pearls kind of took on a life of their own, plus after 2 margaritas I could no longer pierce a straight line, and I thought they looked like beach pebbles and seashells, so I just kept randomly placing them on the "sand" border mat until I ran out of room.

Then I looked out of my window at this scene:

And I looked back at my finished card, and
now I really want another a margarita, and my toes in the sand...
It's 5:00 Somewhere.
Amen Jimmy!

For some more fabulous inspiration using these colors, check out what the talented gals in the H2H design team have come up with!  When you're all inspired, please play along! Remember, you must use mostly CTMH products, and please list all the products you use.  Link your project to the Heart 2 Heart challenge blog for a chance to win yourself an awesome prize.  Your entries could also be chosen for our January Top Ten, where you may be invited to be an upcoming Guest Designer! Speaking of Guest Designer, you have to visit our January gal Vicki's blog, she's a wizard at crafting paper!

The awesome prizes this month are courtesy of  our very generous sponsors  Haley Dyer and Susan Winter.  Do pop over to their blogs for a visit and leave them some love! 

Thanks for visiting!

All product CTMH
Stamps: D1228 Chillin' (sentiment)
             B1351 You're Sweet (lime)
Inks: Pear, Sky, Sorbet
Paper: cs in Sky, Sorbet, and Colonial White
           Pear B&T duo paper from Olivia Level 2 pack
Brads: Spring, Summer and Basic Assortments
Opaques in Pearl and Mocha
Liquid Glass
Prisma Glitter
Tools: Piercing Tool Kit
            Rubber Brayer
            Bone Folder
            Paper Trimmer
Techniques: masking, brayer and sponge backgrounds,
                     paper tearing, edge distressing

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Blog Award!

Imagine my surprise when I was having my morning browse through my Google Reader, and I read Barbara Diane's post today, where she gave me a Stylish Blogger Award! I almost snorted my coffee all over my keyboard! Wow, THANK YOU Barbara Diane! I don't know what to say!

If you're not familiar with Barbara Diane's blog, Barbara's World of Whimcees, please stop by and check it out. She's got a wonderfully whimsical style and in addition to her papercrafts, she makes the most precious dolls and bears. I've (lovingly) nicknamed her the Owl Lady...check out her blog to see the fabulous countdown calendars she puts on her apartment door for holidays. I was impressed by her Halloween one, then blown away by her Christmas one.  I can only imagine the increase in foot traffic past her door on the holidays!  Drop by and say hello, make sure your mug's full so you can stay a while, there's lots to see.

On receiving this award we are to do the following:

* Thank the person who gave you the award on your blog.
* Share 8 things about yourself.
* Pass this award onto 8 other bloggers that inspire you.

Eight things about me:
1. I grew up on a Quarter Horse ranch, but I haven't been on a horse in 10+ years, and I really miss it.
2. I have 2 younger sisters.
3. I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe.
4. I've known my husband since I was 13, but we never dated until our late 20's.
5. My favorite season is Fall, after the first big frost and there are no more bugs.
6. I hate bugs.
7. I live in a place where there is snow 5 months of the year, and I don't own a pair of snow pants.
8. I love to bake, but everything I've tried with yeast has flopped.

Now the hard part...I'm supposed to pick 8 other bloggers that inspire me, and pass on this award.  I wish I had 50 of these, because I am inspired by all of the blogs I am following!

Below are 8 of the many blogs on my list that I get inspiration from.  Stop by each of them and you'll see right away why these are in my faves:
 A Path of Paper
Big Red Scraps
Lisa's Creative Corner
Tracey Mason's Studio
Wizard's Hangout
Paper and Ink Playground
Jessica's Paper Petals
Scrappin' My Heart Out

If you're on this list, please participate and pass this award on...isn't it a nice one to receive? 

Thanks again Barbara Diane!  You definitely made my day! I will keep this little award in my sidebar with pride!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Blogaversary to me BLOG CANDY!

Blogs.  Blogging.  Blogger.  Google Reader. 
Hyperlink.  Upload.  Download.  Linky.
In my copy of Webster's Dictionary, these words don't even exist (OK, so my dictionary is from my university days and according to my kids that was "back in the nineteen hundreds"!)

In this relatively new medium we can have a place of our own; where we can meet and network with people with similar interests; where we can share pieces of ourselves; where we can stretch our wings and learn new things and where sometimes we make friends with a kind word and not with a tweet or a poke :)

One year ago, after lurking on the blogs of many talented people who inspire me, I decided to start a blog of my very own.  My intentions were to have a place to share my crafts with other crafty people.  It started with my first post HERE.  I really had no expectations.  I remember the day I got my very first follower, I was so excited that someone was interested in what I was doing enough to actually FOLLOW me?!

In just one short year, I am amazed at how my little page in blogland has grown. I am blown away by my blog stats that show where my viewers have come from this year. I have followers from 11 countries with over 30,000 visits! This blogging thing has really opened the door to the world for this small town Alberta girl.

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with some of you outside of this blog, and am grateful for the opportunity to make cyberfriends from all over the world!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of you, and how your comments really brighten my day.

I am also grateful for the many fabulous blogs I have discovered through comments left here. My Google Reader is full of the blogs I am following; it's a comforting place I come to when I need some inspiration, some instruction, or just some eye candy. I know how encouraging it is to read the kind words left by my readers, and I have challenged myself to leave more comments on all of the blogs I visit in 2011.
The online crafting world is such a generous place of sharing and support, and I love it here!

So, friends....sing along...
"Happy Blogaversary,
Happy Blogaversary,
Happy Blogaversary, 
Haaaaa-py Blogaversary!"
For my first blogaversary, to show my appreciation for my followers,
I am giving away BLOG CANDY!!

Wanna see what's in those bags?

CTMH Discovery Level 1 Scrapbook Kit

CTMH Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Pack

CTMH Rough and Tumble Level 2 Paper Pack

Assorted pink and purple papers

Assorted green papers

Assorted Orange, Pink and Brown papers

CTMH Triple Play Mini Album Kit, includes stamp set, inks and instructions.

CTMH Acrylic stamps "Key to My Heart" and "Something Splendid"

SU Birthday Calendar and Happy Moments Cling Stamps

CTMH Finishing Files and assorted bling

Mini Album, Tag Album and Gift Card Album

If I reach 200 blog followers,
I will throw this into the candy pile!

Here's how to enter:
  1. You must be a follower.  If you've been lurking...welcome! You can sign up to follow this blog over on the right sidebar. Open to everyone worldwide, including fellow CTMH consultants :)
  2. Leave a comment to enter, and please tell me which of my posts is your favorite, or what you would like to see more of on my blog.
  3. You can earn an EXTRA entry if you spread the word about my blogaversary candy and share a link to this post on your blog. Just leave a second comment here with your blog address so I can check it out!
Contest closes January 30, 2011.
On February 1, I will randomly choose a winner
from among the comments entered,
and will announce the winner here on my blog,
who will have 7 days to claim their candy or I pick another name.

I sincerely appreciate your visits
and your comments,
I am inspired by you every day!

Comments are now closed.
Winner to be announced shortly!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Challenge of the Year!

It's January! Not only is it a brand new's time for the Paper Cubed Jan. 2011 challenge!
The first challenge of the new year is to create a 3D project with SPORTS as the theme. Pretty much rules out cards, but anything else is fair game! (did you catch the clever sports metaphor there?)

I don't know about you, but I always get a little rush putting out all the new calendars on New Year's Day.  It's like a fresh start, leaving all the baggage of last year behind and vowing to try harder, accomplish more and be better in the year ahead.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions anymore (they tend to fizzle out by the end of the week), but I always start the year with more motivation and focus. 

On that note, here is my SPORTS themed 3D project for January at P3:
I went with a handy dandy new desk calendar that features extreme sports.

(As always, you can click the pic for a detailed view)

I must thank my upline, Diane Fischer, for this idea. She made a stand up calendar in a workshop last year that I thought was so cute. There are 4 panels, 2 on one side, which can be flipped around mid-year to show the 2 on the other side. I fashioned a center support with a velcro tab to make this standing desk calendar stay up.  The finished calendar is 5"x10"x3", the supplies I used are listed in the recipe at the bottom of this post. I found the calendar printable at 

And here are the close-ups of the other panels:

I'm not sure who is getting this yet, but it definitely isn't girly.

For more sports-inspired 3D crafts, head on over to Paper Cubed to see what the rest of the super-creative design team has come up with.  Get yourself all revved up to create some sporty crafts of your own, then link them up so we can all cheer!

I hope 2011 brings you health and happiness
and all the crafting time you want!

Stamps: CTMH D1432 Extreme
             SU Extreme Skateboard and Extreme Snowboard
Papers: CTMH Aspen Level 2 Paper Kit 
            CTMH Simple Pleasure Level 2 Paper Kit
            CTMH You Rock Level 2 Paper Kit
            CTMH Zippidee Level 2 Paper Kit
Inks: CTMH Twilight, Cocoa, Desert Sand, Smokey Plum, Cranberry, Versamark
Brads:  CTMH Black, Cocoa, Outdoor Denim, Cranberry
Images and sentiments heat embossed with CTMH Black Embossing Powder

CTMH Euro Paper Trimmer, Bone Folder, Piercing Tool Kit, Craft Heater
Other: Velcro dots, Printable Calendar from

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Time for a Heart to Heart....

Remember last week when I said I had some exciting news?  OMG, I have been just about ready to burst keeping it to myself! I have been invited to be on the HEART 2 HEART DESIGN TEAM!   I have been SO inspired by the creativity showcased on this blog, using my favorite products from CTMH, and I am just flabbergasted that they offered me a spot on the design team!  Somebody pinch me!

If you are not familiar with Heart 2 Heart, you must check it out for some creative inspiration using Close To My Heart !  Each week there is a new challenge to inspire and motivate you to find new ways to use your CTMH products. This new year has brought a newly redesigned H2H blog! If you've been following along, you have to stop by to see the new design and grab yourself a new blog badge.  There is also a new format, and the more you play along all month - the more chances you get to win a prize or make the monthly Top Ten, where you could be invited to be a guest designer for the next month!

And even better, wait till you meet the rest of the design team...UBER talented!  I better bring my A game, because these gals certainly up the ante when it comes to creativity!  Challenges will start on January 10, so until then, please welcome the new members of the H2H Design Team :

Corina Scrapbooking Ink.
Debbie Scrap My Heart Out
Karen Karen's Creations
Lisa Lisa's Creative Corner
Lorrinda  *you are here :)
Mary On Life and Creating
Melinda If You Bling It They Will Come 
Senior DT member: Jessica Jessica's Paper Petals
Check out these gals! Talented or what?  Take a few minutes to browse their blogs, admire their beautiful artwork, sign up to follow them and leave them some love while you're there! Heart 2 Heart challenges will begin on Jan. 10, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!