Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tombstone/Pushing Daisies Cake

A quick post today.

My friend and coworker recently celebrated her 50th birthday, and of course I had to make her a cake!

Her first grandbaby was born just 2 days later, so I guess we can say her youth is "officially" pushing daisies now that she is a wise and respected Grandma!  But since she is someone who neither looks nor acts 50 years old, I didn't feel one bit bad poking fun at her with this cake. She was a great sport about it too. 

Here's hoping the next 50 years are as good as the first...Happy Birthday Heidi!

This cake is fondant-free (yucky stuff), all yummy buttercream frosting.  To make the letters, I put the cake in the fridge until the frosting was stiff, then I used my CTMH alphabet stamps to create the letter impressions in the icing, and filled in the color with a small paintbrush and black petal dust mixed with vanilla to make an edible paint. Turned out pretty good!  The daisies are royal icing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to business...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything here! 

Did you miss me? 

I had decided to take some time off this summer because we were crazy busy with summer activities and a complete kitchen reno, but then found that sending the kids back to school did not revive my crafty mojo as I had hoped. 

Our home was a mess after the construction, and as I tried to stay on top of the drywall dust I realized that we just have too much stuff!  I've been busy cleaning out closets and storage boxes, trying to simplify and de-clutter.  Why do I hang on to so much crap? It's starting to look and feel better but I still have more to do.

My new kitchen is almost finished, but still needs some trim and window coverings before I'll have the "after" pictures to share. 

I miss you all!  I have been in my craft room this week, and will soon have some new projects ready for my blog.   For now I have some tasty photos to share!

 My talented daughter did this for Thanksgiving:
Best. Veggie. Tray. EVER! Jenna rocks!!

My hubby did an 18 lb turkey outside in the turkey fryer, and stupid me forgot to take a picture. But I will say that it was awesome!  Sit down supper for 12 was a good way to break in the new kitchen!  Why, oh why, did I not get any photos of Thanksgiving dinner this year!? (Hey gang, if anyone took any photos please email them to me!)

For dessert, I made a 4 layer Pumpkin cake with
whipped cream cheese filling
topped with pecans and drizzled with caramel...
 can you believe there was none left over??!! 
Nothing beats Thanksgiving leftovers, and I made an extra large cake on purpose so now what am I supposed to have for breakfast this week? Huh?

I am so glad that sugar doesn't soak in by osmosis,
because I also made this cake last week:
This one was made for my friend Shirley. 
She has 5 family birthdays in fall, and they were all together at her home last weekend for Thanksgiving. She ordered a fall birthday cake for 5. Notice the 5 little turkeys? 
This one is a 2 layer pumpkin cake with a caramel/pecan filling and all cream cheese frosting. The figures are made of sugar gumpaste.

So, I've had enough sugar for a while. I am suffering from paper and glue withdrawal though, so hope to get my fingers sticky and inky this weekend!

Thanks for not un-following me in my blogging absence,
I will try to get back to posting more regularly now that I've had a break!