Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tombstone/Pushing Daisies Cake

A quick post today.

My friend and coworker recently celebrated her 50th birthday, and of course I had to make her a cake!

Her first grandbaby was born just 2 days later, so I guess we can say her youth is "officially" pushing daisies now that she is a wise and respected Grandma!  But since she is someone who neither looks nor acts 50 years old, I didn't feel one bit bad poking fun at her with this cake. She was a great sport about it too. 

Here's hoping the next 50 years are as good as the first...Happy Birthday Heidi!

This cake is fondant-free (yucky stuff), all yummy buttercream frosting.  To make the letters, I put the cake in the fridge until the frosting was stiff, then I used my CTMH alphabet stamps to create the letter impressions in the icing, and filled in the color with a small paintbrush and black petal dust mixed with vanilla to make an edible paint. Turned out pretty good!  The daisies are royal icing.


  1. WOW, an amazing paper artist and cake artist! Great use of stamps!

  2. WOW...WOW...WOW...YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I LOVE following your make my day so happy because all I can do is smile looking at your work! Thank-you so much for sharing.(I have to pull my chin up cause I'm getting spit all over..I was looking at your craft room being organized..I want to be you for a day :)

  3. This is so adorable. When I saw the letters I thought "That looks like the Friendship alphabet...don't tell me she....yep, she did!" ;)


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