Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to business...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything here! 

Did you miss me? 

I had decided to take some time off this summer because we were crazy busy with summer activities and a complete kitchen reno, but then found that sending the kids back to school did not revive my crafty mojo as I had hoped. 

Our home was a mess after the construction, and as I tried to stay on top of the drywall dust I realized that we just have too much stuff!  I've been busy cleaning out closets and storage boxes, trying to simplify and de-clutter.  Why do I hang on to so much crap? It's starting to look and feel better but I still have more to do.

My new kitchen is almost finished, but still needs some trim and window coverings before I'll have the "after" pictures to share. 

I miss you all!  I have been in my craft room this week, and will soon have some new projects ready for my blog.   For now I have some tasty photos to share!

 My talented daughter did this for Thanksgiving:
Best. Veggie. Tray. EVER! Jenna rocks!!

My hubby did an 18 lb turkey outside in the turkey fryer, and stupid me forgot to take a picture. But I will say that it was awesome!  Sit down supper for 12 was a good way to break in the new kitchen!  Why, oh why, did I not get any photos of Thanksgiving dinner this year!? (Hey gang, if anyone took any photos please email them to me!)

For dessert, I made a 4 layer Pumpkin cake with
whipped cream cheese filling
topped with pecans and drizzled with caramel...
 can you believe there was none left over??!! 
Nothing beats Thanksgiving leftovers, and I made an extra large cake on purpose so now what am I supposed to have for breakfast this week? Huh?

I am so glad that sugar doesn't soak in by osmosis,
because I also made this cake last week:
This one was made for my friend Shirley. 
She has 5 family birthdays in fall, and they were all together at her home last weekend for Thanksgiving. She ordered a fall birthday cake for 5. Notice the 5 little turkeys? 
This one is a 2 layer pumpkin cake with a caramel/pecan filling and all cream cheese frosting. The figures are made of sugar gumpaste.

So, I've had enough sugar for a while. I am suffering from paper and glue withdrawal though, so hope to get my fingers sticky and inky this weekend!

Thanks for not un-following me in my blogging absence,
I will try to get back to posting more regularly now that I've had a break!



  1. Everything looks yummy! Love the veggie tray!

  2. Sugar may not soak in by osmosis, but the FUNN in your projects *and daughter's* does!
    Welcome back, yes, you've been missed.

  3. Your household is brimming with talent! Great vege plate and those cakes look SCRUMPDELICIOUS!

  4. Lorrinda,

    Please, oh, please, oh please share the recipe for that scrumptious looking and sounding cake? Please?

    I've missed you but I know you are renovating your kitchen! Hang in there!

    Donna McGlasson

  5. Wow what a veggie tray!! Your daughter has an eye for design (just like her mom)!!

    You have to share your pumpkin cake recipes!!


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