Friday, April 30, 2010

Nascar/Tony Stewart Cake

Time for something sweet!

A coworker asked me to make this cake for her BFF's 40th Birthday. She bought the action figure, and wanted me to use it on the cake.  Her friend is a huge Nascar fan, and has a thing for Tony Stewart. 

The cake is a 2 layer chocolate fudge with a Kahlua cream filling. The frosting is Kahlua buttercream, except for the autograph and numbers which are royal icing. This was a pretty easy cake to decorate, except for getting the orange the right shade. I used a #16 open star tip for the whole thing. 

They're having the party in a club/bar, so I'm betting that little Tony Stewart will be on the dance floor tonight!

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  1. OMG! Lorrinda this is amazing! I couldn't ice a cake to save my life (shame really cause my son's 7th birthday is next week!) Couldn't whip us up a Lightening McQueen cake could you???

  2. That is nothing short of amazing! So, you can make fabulous crafts and make amazing cakes,I am so envious!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is awesome Lorrinda!

  4. ouch, I can just feel the wrist pain from all the stars ;)

    Great job and you did excellent matching the orange.

  5. You are just too amazing! Fabulous paper crafts and cakes! It is lovely!

  6. BEAUTIFUL cake!! I have done lots of stars before, and yes, my hands were tired. Bet yours were too! You are very creative!
    Now, can you share the recipe for this cake, please? It sounds delicious!

  7. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    My "real job" is a dental hygienist, so I have freakishly strong wrists and hands LOL! So a few little icing stars won't slow me down;)

    For the cake recipe, go to my post "White Russian Anniversary Cake" (April 1) and use that recipe. It is my "go-to" recipe and it always turns out nice and moist. Just change the boxed ingredients (cake mix and puddings)to whatever flavor you want, and substitute the liquor for another flavor (or water). Trust me, it always turns out! Everyone always asks for my cake recipes, and they're always surprised it starts with a "mix". And do use the filling, it is nice and creamy and not too sweet.



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