Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

My daughter's class is having their Christmas party today, and I was asked to bring something sweet.  Finally! The last couple of class parties I was assigned veggies or fruit...boring! What kid is going to eat veggies when there is sweet stuff around?  Sweet stuff is so much more fun to make, and to eat!

These were very easy to make. I started with 2 dozen cupcakes, and 2 dozen cake balls shaped into cones.  When the cupcakes were warm out of the oven, I used the bottom of a shot glass to press holes in the center, then let them cool.  The cake ball cones were placed into the holes to form the base of the tree.  Then I just spread white frosting around the edges, and piped green frosting onto the cone shape with an open star tip.  Sprinkled on some colored balls and placed a little candy star on top. 
Only took me 30 minutes to frost these, and aren't they cute?

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  1. Adorable little trees you created on the cupcakes. Looks like a lot of work, and I'm sure the kids got a real kick out of seeing (and eating) them.

  2. Those are awesome and look yummy. Her class will love them.

  3. You are so clever! These look amazing!

    I bet the teachers loved them as much as the kids did.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle :-)

  4. Lovely! I had to laugh as I am one of those teachers asking for veggie and fruit for the party! Plus a couple of sweet things!

  5. These are amazing! I got the fruit tray this time, it was very expensive...$35.00. The guy in the produce department said it was because of the freezing weather in the south, I would much rather have the sweets too.


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