Sunday, February 13, 2011

I {heart} Heart 2 Heart's Close To My Heart HEART Challenge!

I dare you to fit more "Hearts" in my title! 

Did you ever notice that when you write the same word over and over it looks like it's spelled wrong? Or is it just me?  I am having flashbacks of writing lines on the chalkboard during recess...I will not talk to my friends in class.  I will not talk to my friends in class.  I will not talk to my friends in class... I was a bit of a chatterbox and I had a mean Grade 5 teacher, after about 10 lines I was terrified that I was spelling 'friends' wrong and thought he would make me do it over.  Simple but effective punishment.  I tried telling my kids this story, and all they wanted to know is "What's a chalkboard?" Seriously?  Part of the punishment involved cleaning the chalkbrushes at the end of the day, those of you who can remember chalk at school know what I am talking about.

Back to now...
the challenge at Heart 2 Heart this week is to make anything with a HEART on it! 

I feel sorry for elementary kids today, poor things will never know the pleasure of having to fill 4 chalkboards with lines...
But they still get Valentine treats and a party, so we made treat 'bags' for my kids' classmates, and we had an assembly line going for my heart project.  Gotta say I'm sick of hearts for a while:

Here's the finished product.

Here is a close up:

Here's a peek at what's inside:

And here is the pattern to make them, super easy!

*The complete product list is at the bottom of this post. 
I used our new Kraft cardstock for the base.  The kids did the stamping,folding, and filled the treat bags.  (My son complained the whole time, "Do I have to stamp all of them?" Which sparked the whole discussion about writing lines on the chalkboard...)
I did all the cutting and the gluing.

Got hearts on the brain this week?  Join us at Heart 2 Heart for our HEART challenge! Anything goes, as long as it has hearts on it and is mostly Close To My Heart products.  Check out the projects my friends on the Design Team have made (their links are over on my sidebar), you're sure to love them!  And I hope you play along! You have all month to join us, we have prizes and everything!

Happy Valentine's Day!

All products CTMH:
Cardstock: Kraft, Holiday Red and White Daisy
Stamps: D1254 Soul Mates hearts and borders
Ink: Holiday Red
Red ric rac
Liquid Glass to adhere ric rac ribbon

Small celophane bags and candy treats from Walmart

Cuttlebug Script Embossing Folder
SU Scallop Border Punch
Cricut Accent Essentials to cut red hearts and cut out circles.
MS Score Board


  1. Super cute and perfect for mass production! Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

  2. Hi Lorrinda!
    I had to make 70 Valentine's treats this year for my three kids classmates. It sure is a lot of fun! These are super adorable!!!

  3. How wonderful - they all look so effective.

    We had 'chalkboards' but lines were usually done in our roughwork books - I remember being made to re-do a whole load because I'd tried to write them very small and fit 3 'lines' to a line LOL

    Toni :o)

  4. Hi Lorrinda

    Oh I rememeber chalk boards, but I remember the dusters even more after having them continuously thrown at my head to stop me from chatting to the person sitting next to me, lol.

    There is nothing like your own kids to make you feel old hey.

    Your Valentine treat bags look wonderful and it is no surprise they were a big hit.

    Michelle :-)

  5. Forget chalkboards - my kids can't write cursive, and even struggle when they have to sign their name!! (They're 13 & 15) - but they could both do a Powerpoint presentation by the time they were in grade 3 - go figure? Your kids must love having a crafty Mom, I bet they get awesome comments from all the other kids.

  6. Love your Valentine treats. I remember cleaning the chalk easers, I loved that job!! It wasn't punishment for me. I had teachers who threw those a naughty students too, never at me though. lol

  7. Hi Lorrinda,
    I Love your creativity, Beautiful Treat Bags, Goody for the lucky students.
    In Those good old days of the chalkboards there were NO TREAT BAGS!

  8. Great treats! I'll be the kiddos loved them! (Just like everyone else, I remember the chalkboard incidents growing up. I hated having to clean the erasers by banging them together. I would be coughing for hours afterward! Thank goodness for the invention of the write on/wipe off boards! LOL)

  9. Oh wow... you are dedicated. This year... I got a lollypop valentine kit and made my kids sign and address it themself. My boys are 4 and 5 and just barely know their letters... poor dears.

  10. Super cute valentines. I made my girls their valentines this year too.
    Check out my blog at
    I have something for you.

  11. i never had to write lines on the chalk board but i do remember dusting the erasers. i got in trouble once for dusting them on the wall in the hallway on the way outside. love the valentines.

  12. this is awesome Lorrinda, I love treat bags and this one is very cool!

  13. Your kids are very lucky to have such a dedicated mother. Very cute treat bags!


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