Monday, July 25, 2011

Kitchen Reno Update

Hi there!  Just thought I'd pop in with a kitchen update.  I have been so busy that I haven't even stepped into my craft room in the past 2 weeks.  But I have been painting so I guess that counts as crafty, right?

So, if you remember my last post, we had just finished the drywall. Since then I had to put 2 coats of paint on the ceiling of the entire space, all by myself:
If I never paint another ceiling in my life it will be too soon!

Then I painted the kitchen and adjoining laundry room:
The color is Benjamin Moore "Stone House", nice and calm.  I may still paint one wall blue...I'll have to wait and see when it's all done. Just ignore that hole in the wall under the window, it's an access panel for the dishwasher plumbing, and will be hidden when the cabinets are done.

Then we got kicked out of the house and had to move into the camper while the flooring was installed.  New flooring was put in front of the front door (shown) and the back door in the laundry room, so we couldn't even get into the house until all was finished.

Isn't it purty??  Was just finished YESTERDAY.

Talk about a tight schedule...we just had enough time to move the appliances in and get things cleaned up.  Then this morning THIS beautiful van showed up:

And this is the view from my front step right now:
See?  We've been so busy in the house we haven't even mowed the lawn...not really, it's been raining all week so we just couldn't get it cut and all the rain does is make it grow faster. Today is a beautiful day, and by tonight I should have most of the cabinets installed. 
Thanks to Peter and Vince:

I'll be back with another update soon.  Sorry if you popped by looking for some crafty ideas, I am too tired to even think about making anything crafty, but I do have the new CTMH Idea Books, and I did get time to order some new supplies (I always have the energy to spend money!). 

Thanks for popping in!  If anyone has any advice for adding some pops of color into my overly beige new kitchen/family room I'd love some ideas?

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  1. Woo, hoo! Lucky you! It looks amazing already. We're getting ready for a master bath redo so will have to move to the guest room for awhile.


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