Saturday, August 6, 2011

We interrupt this summer break for a candle project

How's everyone enjoying their summer?  Between kitchen renovation and family camping trips my summer has been anything but lazy.  I came back from a long weekend at the lake to find 375 unread posts on my Google Reader! So much crafty little time.

I haven't posted anything crafty for a while, so I thought I'd share my candle project with you.  My Mom is one of 6 girls, and they get together every year for a "Sister's Weekend".  They always bring little gifts for each other, and this year Mom asked me to make something for her to give each of them. 

She loved the candles I made:

These were super easy to make.  I started with inexpensive 3" pillar candles from Ikea. 

The sentiment was done with my printer onto white tissue paper (tape the tissue paper to a sheet of regular office paper so it doesn't bunch up in the printer) Then trim the excess away around each logo, smooth it down onto the candle, cover it with a piece of waxed paper large enough to wrap around the entire candle with enough to grab onto to keep it tight, and carefully heat it with the heat gun until the logo is set into the wax. Then remove the waxed paper...viola! Custom candle.

I wrapped some matching ribbon around the base of each candle, and it it just held on by the brad in the center of the flowers pushed into the candle like a stick pin.

The big one is 5" and has an angel charm on it for their sister Leona who passed away from Breast Cancer 3 years ago. I really miss her. They kept this one burning all weekend while they were together.

This was a fun project. Thanks for visiting my blog, and a special thanks to my followers who have stuck with me while I've been pretty much AWOL this summer.  Summers in Alberta are just too short to spend in a basement craft room, I'll be back to regular posting when the kids are back in school.

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  1. What a lovely idea - the candles are beautiful.

    Toni xx


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