Friday, February 10, 2012

Basket full of roses

I was asked to make a cake for my kids' school bazaar cakewalk again this year.  I was having a creative brain freeze and had no idea what to make, but then my thoughtful hubby came home with these for me:

Isn't he just the sweetest?  He gave them to me DAYS before Valentine's day so that I could enjoy them all weekend, rather than have them just sitting on the table while no one is home during the week.  He hand delivers flowers to me every couple of months, I suspect he likes it when the flower shop ladies fawn all over him for being such a great husband ;)
Yes, I know how lucky I am.

The roses are such a beautiful shade of pink, and that's where I got the inspiration for this cake:

This is a chocolate 2 layer heart shape cake, with all buttercream whoever gets this one can slice right through the flowers. This was my first attempt at buttercream roses, and thanks to a few different youtube videos it was pretty easy.  I can make fondant ones, but I think they taste like playdoh, and I believe a cake should taste better than it looks. If anyone has a fondant recipe that really doesn't taste like crap, I'd love a copy of it!

I just realized how badly I've been neglecting my blog! I took a little break last summer, and have been very lazy about posting ever since.

Can I confess something? I've enjoyed not having the pressure of maintaining it. The pressure is completely self-imposed, I started this as a fun thing but somehow it turned into "another thing on my to-do list".   Oh, I'm still creating crafty stuff, I just have a backlog of projects to photograph and post, and quite honestly I have other stuff to do. It's not like I'm the Pioneer Woman making mooga bucks from my full time blogging, this stuff is time consuming (as you fellow bloggers know.) I have missed playing along with some blog challenges, and I have missed all of the positive comments, so I'm going to try to check in a little more often!

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  1. Your cake is beautiful and I'm sure yummy! I hope you do post more often because I always love your projects and ideas. You are one very talented lady!

  2. WOW, your cake is SPECTACULAR! The only way I'd ever be able to make a cake with flowers like yours on top, is if I cut them with AP from paper! Beautiful Lorrinda!

  3. Hi Lorrinda

    Long time no see!! I know what you mean though, life (with kids especially) keeps you busy enough and when blogging becomes a chore on the to do list it really takes the fun out of it.

    Your cake looks amazing! Those roses look far to pretty to eat.

    Michelle :o)


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