Sunday, February 12, 2012

I made something I found on Pinterest!

Do you Pin?

I do.  I have over a thousand pins on my Pinterest boards.  Some are for inspiration, some are recipes, most are clever or crafty projects I want to make someday. When I have time :) 

If you Pin too, then you know exactly what I mean. So many little time.

Well, today I actually made something I found on Pinterest! I'm so proud of  me!

Check it out:

And I made a bunch:

Yesterday, I realized that I forgot to pick up or plan to make any Valentine's cards for the kids to exchange with their classmates.  When I asked the kids about it, they really didn't care. They are 13 and 10, and the whole love and hearts thing is kind of lame to them.  But I didn't want them to go to school empty handed, so I made cookies for them to hand out to the whole class. No risk of lovey-dovey crushy romantic implications, and everyone is happy. There's even some left over for us.

chocolate sugar cookies
Image from Pinterest, links to

Here's the link to the Chocolate Sugar Cookie recipe and the decorating tutorial. 
(Note: I found the recipe for the chocolate sugar cookies to be very small and it only makes about a dozen cookies...I quadrupled it.  Also, it was too soft to work with so I added more icing sugar and more flour until the dough was able to be handled, and they were still yummy)

I challenge you...make something that you pinned, make it today!  It will feel good to cross at least one thing off of your pin board. 

And, Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Lorrinda, these are INSANELY professional looking! Oh my goodness, you should be baking for a living... and that cake in your last post? Sigh. Hope to see some of your creative paper crafts soon :o)

  2. Hello!

    Great cookies - beautifully decorated! I am sure they were a hit with the kids! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane


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