Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcome to Our Home! 3D Decor

Ok, I officially suck as a blogger. I have been so bad at posting this excuse is that I have been held hostage by Pinterest and have pinboards full of crafty goodness to make.  I have been crafting, I even have my Christmas cards done, but have I photographed them?  Not yet.  I really have to get on that, it's almost time to mail them out!
Today, I have a 3D Home Decor item to share...I made this Framed chalkboard decor to enter in the CTMH Edmonton Regional 3D Contest back in September!. We had some specific guidelines to follow, and I must say the competition was fierce! When I saw what the other entries were, I knew I had no chance of winning, but I honestly made this to hang in my own home, so I love it anyway! 

All products CTMH, if you don't recognize them and need to know details, ask away!

Time to share...I have started this post a few times, but them I got sidetracked trying to add a PinIt button to the bottom of the post.  I really want to add a PinIt button to my blog, but all my attempts have been futile. I have searched for, and tried, no less than 5 tutorials to add a PinIt button to this blog so my fellow pinners can easily pin away...but alas, none have worked! I really want to add a button to the bottom of each post, so if any of you have a way to do this, please share! I am looking for a way for it to automatically be inserted at the bottom of each post.  I may have to bite the bullet and hire someone to do it for me.  I really don't consider myself to be computer-handicapped, but for some reason the silly little PinIt button has me stumped.
I truly appreciate each and every one of you who continue to follow my blog, even though I have been quite lax in posting!  I also have been blasted with spam comments as of late, and since I detest word verification, I have had to implement comment moderation... so please be patient and your comment will eventually appear, I promise!

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  1. Hi Lorrinda!

    That bracket frame is stunning! Love it!

    I don't think the Pin It button is a big deal. Just as east to click the Pin It button in my toolbar when I see something I wanna save. (Like this bracket frame). The die-hard pinners will all have them and less stress for you trying to get it to work. :-)

    Keep up the loveliness! Love following your blog.


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