Thursday, September 9, 2010

OLW19 B&W plus a spot of color

The One Layer Wednesday challenge  at the Simplicity blog for this week is:

Rules for OLW19

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.
2. Make a card that is mostly black and white with just a spot of color. Remember to keep embellishments to minimum.

Sounds easy right? I gotta say, I struggle with the only one layer thing, but here's mine:

All product CTMH
1386 Black cardstock
C1327 Snowflake Kisses stamp set 
Z673 White Daisy Embossing Powder
Z1327 Sparkles
Z555Craft Heater

This card turned out like I had planned, but I gotta say that white embossing powder on black cardstock is a pain in the @#$%. This was my 3rd attempt. I kept getting stray specks where I didn't want them. 

Summary, my CAS card is clean, but I can't say it was exactly simple...
I like this card, but I won't be making it in bulk!

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  1. This is perfect, Lorrinda. Everyone has fits getting white images on black cardstock. And certain embossing powders scatter far worse than other, I don't know why. The little bags to prevent that help, but don't cure.

    I love how you placed the snowflakes and nestled the sentiment in the curve.

    What really cracks me up about the one-layer card Challenge is that it takes so much wasted paper, I might as well have made a card with six layers on it. Currently I'm on my third try and haven't got a card to post yet!

  2. As I was doing my cards for this challenge, I wondered if anyone would do a black card with white ink and color. You are a brave soul and you did it with panache! Beautifully done!

  3. Love your card, it's worth all the effort, :) xx

  4. I LOVE that you used the opposite of most of us...the white is fab on the black background. I didn't try that because I'm terrible at embossing! Your card looks awesome!!


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